it me

it me


the best compliment I've ever received is that I live life with extraordinary passion.

looking back, I didn't realize the value of that, until, I got into  the "work force".  That's when I first saw them; the human zombies. You know what I'm talking about. That slow, agonizing and inevitable numbness that clouds priorities and perception. 

my inner instigator/writer became obvious when I worked along side other disgruntled temp employees. In those lifeless rooms, I'd listen to their stories and ask them questions about what they loved. (I'd also be the crazy one writing blogs on the job or skipping out to interview the homeless for the local paper.)

so after a wild carpet ride of app making, book publishing, lawyering (licensed attorney), medical device selling, interviewing, open mic-ing, meditation coaching ( licensed health coach) canvas making (sheer talent), etc; I found out that although I had the horsepower to light up a mid-sized city; divided energy was INDEED wasted energy. Burn out after burn out taught me the value of energy management and recognizing future viability... of ideas AND people.

I stopped chasing success and started noticing where I was already a success.

I believe that doing whatever gives you joy serves as your greatest contribution.

I've combined my legal degree, spirited Greek upbringing, and health coaching experience to write original, succinct and fun stories that inspire children and adults to: embrace their gifts, value the planet, manage fear and anxiety, scrutinize technology, acknowledge social injustice, and find their place in the world. 



ps: Kiki is my next fictional heroine in a comedic tragedy of growing up Greek, and the hair that comes with it. Girls 7-17, this one's for you.