Did you know that you were born to be Miss Universe?

When they say "Be yourself," which self do they mean? ..... I say, all of them!

In light of the book that I am writing, I am opening up the stage to all your voices. We are conditioned to believe that we can only "be" one thing, typically what society or our family or our culture expect of us. The truth, however, is that within each and every one us is an entire Universe of diverse and glorious voices, abilities and desires. Why limit ourselves to just being a professional or a mom? A good girl or bad girl? Serious or goofy?

Being besties with our inner cosmos is what brings the world to our feet. By neglecting to embrace all the different aspects of ourselves, we risk abusing our time, bodies and never living to our fullest potential. 

Join the movement if you are curious and interested in exploring and rediscovering any repressed or forgotten truths... like your inner Aphrodite, Mother, Clown, Queen and Artist.

We will be using meditations, writing exercises and play to tease out our inner galaxies, comets and shining stars.

Expect to find out some powerful and illuminating things about yourself :)


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