let me tell you about this douche from church

hey there,


there's always going to be someone who tries to make you feel lesser than. (and we'll get to why in a sec)

it doesn't matter where you are, what incredible things you're doing, and how amazing your credentials: dicks abound. 

and im not talking about physical ones (even though those abound too), I'm talking about personalities that poke, probe, and protrude.


Like when you're a well intentioned, published author (and attorney) offering your writing services for FREE, at a church function,

and a poking, protruding, voice says:


"but you're not a publisher, are you?

are you even an editor?

I mean... I'm good with words too, but..."


you get my... point. (pun intended)

Funny words aside, these type of comments can hurt. And if we let them, they can dissuade us from doing great things.

So please,

Share who you are, because someone, somewhere needs it.

And if anyone challenges you for no good reason, just know it's because they admire you, and simply dont have the courage to admit it.

*keep streaming*