dead at sunrise

are you up when the eggs have stopped crackling
are you up when the fear is still heavy asleep
when the body's still weary
but that voice is no longer willing to weep

It is here where I meet you,
It is here where I forget there’s no point
This blessed hour of amnesia
Where finally a break from the smoke

i sleep to wake up here,
to forget about the blindness of day,
i need to wake up here
to hear you say my full name

why is the noise so noisy
why does their stare bring me no peace
why is the picture so fuzzy
why does my heart enjoy not the race

i walk to your whisper
let it cut through the pain
i breathe to your promise
that soon we'll be home again.

days surrendered
days abandoned
days where muscles barely contract
days unopened
days that slept
when the sun was shining full staff.

in this time, my confession
i see now all the barren displays
please Day, accept this confession
when I wake, you too will have caved.