You're a Gift, god-damn-it.




so I'm an inspiration junkie.

how else would you explain agreeing to run/walk 6 blocks , in 30 degree weather, (every other day) in order to interview (non paid) previously homeless individuals. on your. lunch. break.

yeah, its bad

they think i'm doing them a favor, but no; im just getting my fix.

so let me tell you what went down today; Jeff Greene, a sixty five year old man, who is a street vendor with this Philadelphia city paper (One Step Away) was the definition of a breath of fresh air. 

he was soooo comfortable to be around.

there was something so freeing about his way. 

when I asked him to elaborate on his life lessons from selling papers to strangers on the streets the following statement had me stunned: 

"Im not selling a paper; im giving myself away. And I have learned how to give myself away without being afraid." 

this is what I took from Jeff's statement: Jeff is implying that his presence is something of value. And that something is what he chooses to gift others with; without fearing what will come of it. 

When you feel rich, you are naturally generous. 

I know that sounds like it could come off creepy, lol, but i was in his presence for a good 15 minutes and could not get enough -- he was for real. Unlike many who aggravate, drain or feed off your energy, he brought his energy to the table, like a beautiful platter of ripe fruit, and allowed me to delight in it and get a flavor. 

How would your life be if you acknowledged yourself as a gift, and then chose to generously "give it away", without fearing rejection?

that's what i want to know. 

I have a feeling you'd shake, rattle and roll.

perhaps even get written up in a blog, by some random girl out there. 

maybe even totally make my day. 

*keep streaming*