why would someone order pizza in squares? (hint: power)

howdy friends 😊

Last week I was curious as to what kind of crumbs my beloved streamers were craving and I'm thrilled to now share part of the scoop! Adriana is a potato chips gal, Ann likes her dark chocolate bits and pieces and my mom is a good ol' fashion crusty bread lover. Don't ask me why, but it makes very VERY happy to know such things about you.

 ALRIGHTY, Moving on now to............


1.  "Sabbath" for 300 plz:

While world religions maybe "divinely inspired", as their human interpreters, we sure do shed a lot of light onto what makes us tick. You don't have to "believe" in anything, really, to be fascinated and even find value by different traditions and cultures. The other day, I was in the midst of putting together a work date with someone who later I found out "observed" Sabbath. I'm sorry, he said, Saturday, is dedicated to "God". What could that imply, I wondered. So naturally, I asked. He said, it was a day to enjoy oneself and truly relax; which meant, "no work". How lovely, right?

last bite: Chilling out is hard to do. But what if we pretended, for a split second, that doing so was mandatory. Who do you respect the most in the world? Ask them to order you to do something relaxing for yourself! hahaha and then be sure to obey! (in case you were wondering, I went for a veryyyyyy long bikeride this morning AND writing this blog does not constitute as "work") 

2. You say squares, I say value:

I know a guy who likes his pizza, actually no, needs his pizza to be cut in squares instead of triangles. Besides his theory that it "tastes" better that way, he has another, less trivial reason for being "that guy" at the restaurant. "It shows that they care, and that they are paying attention". I have to admit, the first time he hit me with that, I wasn't persuaded. Until he elaborated, " I don't want to eat a place where the cooks are on autopilot, if they cant accommodate a simple change, it shows that the priority is not my enjoyment." It took some time to sink in, but I ended up nodding my head.

last bite: Are there certain "little things" that are actually more like "big things" for you? Are you proud and transparent about them? People who know what they need and actually ask for it are what we would call "powerful". They also end up attracting more power because like attracts like.

3. let's co- crumb

I gotta say, my stories are pretty alright. But I got to thinking... what ON EARTH is going on in your everyday life!?

Did any interaction, comment, or yummy meal split your brain in half or rattle your soul?

Your mini aha could now touch millions, ( just kidding, we're only 46) Just shoot me an email with your highlight and I can parley it (anonymously, if you like), to our group. This way, your crumbs and my crumbs can play.

last bite: And this wasn't even my idea. Thank you Adri :)

🍴, K.