Knowing our Name in a World of Alternative Facts.

In the legal bubble there is this thing we call "stipulations" ---- It's a piece of paper that all parties get to look over, edit and negotiate upon, for the purpose of concluding on a certain set of "facts". Without this agreed upon foundation, there is no trial. You wouldn't think such document vital, I mean they are going to fight about it anyway, right. And yet, if all parties are not working from the same "reality", there is no possible way to reach any resolution.

Fast forward to the buzziest term of the day: alternative facts.

This term was originally used by certain politicians to probably oh you know, explain themselves out of a difficult situation; shocker. And yet, just because one ding dong uttered the term "alternative facts" the world has royally lost their shit. (This is what I like to call the folly of the Conservatives and the naivetEH of the Liberals, but that's for ..... a never time.)

The truth is, facts are not the truth.

Facts will always vary, change and be disproved according to the evolution of the eye of the beholder. It is why we keep updating our text books, phones and moisturizers. Information doesn't stay the same. Despite all this, we continue to insist that there is only ONE right way to perceive what we see...(the smartest species, they say.) 

Now, then,

since we've all stipulated to the conclusion that reality is made up of many different versions(see how I did that) how do we choose which one to believe?

Enter hypothetical: uncle Joey thinks the world is about to end, while our besties remind that us that the best is yet to come; meanwhile the breaking news is that pink flamingos are cart-wheeling into outer space after accidentally being fed McDonald's quarterpounders, and the Senate is seconds away from launching who knows what because, clearly, the Flamingos had Russian accents.

Seriously. What on EARTH do we believe?

Like all organisms, our survival instincts are built in. We know, if its cold outside or if the sketchy co-worker is lying because of our senses, our logic, and our intuition. In times of external chaos, deceit, and illusion, our internal GPS is the news station that must be tuned into and listened to ---- daily.

Close the open tabs, and open your eyes.

Sharpen your inner BS meter by spending more time in nature.

Praise your inner forecaster, by thanking your body every time it inhales and exhales.

Give yourself a chance to know, and you will.

In a world that is disassembling the way it understands the truth, make sure you are fiercely in line with your own.


🍰 K.

ps: yes, I am still wasting my time on Bitmoji.