Tasha: I zone out to get into my cooking mode.


1. How did you discover your  love for cooking? 

As a little girl, my sisters and I were taught how to cook by our mother, Theresa.  She is one of the most talented cooks that I have met, so she passed down tips and tricks for whipping up pie crust from scratch or showing us that the closer to the earth your food came from, the better it would be for our health and tastebuds.

2. Take us through what it feels like to be in the kitchen making something; the physical, emotional and mental sensations. 

To be honest, I zone out to get into my cooking mode.  I cannot carry a conversation as I am using all of my physical, emotional, and mental power to tune into the creation.  Sometimes I like to listen to music, but mostly I am finely focused on chopping and preparing the dish.  Once I am able to allow my creativity to drive my next steps, I am focusing on a certain flavor.  All of my dishes must accompany the other and bring a sense of balance and harmony.

 3. Have any lessons from the world of cooking transferred into your daily interactions and life?

A resounding yes, my life passion is cooking.  A more practical lesson learned is that practice makes perfect. When it gets uncomfortable, taxing, or too hot that's when you believe in yourself more than you knew possible.  If you push through this uncomfortable stage, you will surprise yourself and it will open your ability to grow.

  4. What's the one thing you would tell someone who's having a hard time finding or surrendering to something that gives them peace and inner meaning?

When I was three years old, I endured third degree burns from the stove and I could have easily allowed my fear of being burned again prevent me from enjoying my passion for cooking today.  I realized that my gift was far more rewarding to myself and to others, that it's worth the risk. 

So my recommendation to someone with a passion is to go for it and do so fully, the experience that your'e able to manifest through this process is worth it.  The life experiences and doors that will open for you to further your passion will be in abundance.