You're Bipolar, no DUH.

I've done a lot of driving in the past year. Working in the city and laying my head down in the land of lakes, I've learned to appreciated the world of polarities. (Above, is a visual representation of a day in the life of yours truly ---- Sykes Building, downtown Tampa and a random field in Lakeland.)

Words make up the way we comprehend our reality. And while my love affair with them is known, if left examined, their effects can be... misleading, at best and lethal at worst.  

Let's take look at some other examples of "bipolar":

positive/ negative yin/yang

masculine/ feminine

logic/ intuition

wisdom/ knowledge, us/them

conscious/ subconscious

Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts

Nobody is calling those things "wrong" or prescribing them meds to get "better", right?

Because there is nothing inherently wrong with being bipolar. It makes up our internal reference point system; and allows us to gage and balance our experiences.

And yet, how many of us are afraid to embrace our polarities? By always wanting to feel a certain way, and avoiding another. By insisting that one way be right, at the cost of all others.

Let me tell you a secret that I discovered some years back; life is a pendulum.

What goes right, will eventually go left; its how Balance is achieved. (an unavoidable natural law) The middle, which is the still point; does not necessarily imply "no movement", but a happy place where both polarities meet and greet, and are non judgemental of each other; realizing the value they both bring to the table of Life.

A friend of mine taught me a meditation that helps unite the various polarities that rule our perceptions and bodies.

Close your eyes and imagine your right (masculine) and left (feminine) hemispheres of your brain coming closer. Call your conscious ((knowledge) and subconscious (wisdom) minds to merge. With your Breath, bring your fears and your joys into the healing center of your big heart.


You feel that?

That's you becoming "the still point".

And that's where real power (and magic) comes from.


                                            * Keep Streaming*