What Sprinting Baby Sea Turtles can Teach Us about Living

... You know what's about to go down here, right?

(I'm mostly referring to second 1:52)

These little fellas, who just seconds ago popped out of some sound sandy sleep are on their way to a salty & rather wet awakening! Do they know that those first couple of waves are about to knock their socks off and completely and utterly disorient they freshly minted senses?

I watched a video of baby sea turtles boldly making their way into the ocean a few weeks back and have to admit; I was a little concerned for them. Their 30 second Olympic worthy sprint from land to water, resurfaced for me the symbolism in the phases of our life; from the certainty of solidity to the slippery slope vastness of liquidity; nature, reliably, continues to help me understand myself and the world around me.

I mean, is life itself not one constant journey from the certain to the uncertain,

and back again? 

With, of course, those boldly marching seconds in between, representing our naive dive into the illusion that we have it alllllll under control..... when,


Into the waters of life we go; losing sense of who we were, what we wanted, and where the hell we came from. If you ever feel that sense of "lostness", I invite you to watch the video above and observe their mightiness. It's cute but also telling. The waves, although, disorienting, usher them into the next phase of their experience; and yes, while they might appear abrupt, they certainly mean well.

A daily meditative practice helps make such insights more readily available to the sea sick and cluttered mind. The ability to let go and have the wave of any experience float you to where you need to be is, rather ironically, an acquired skill. (Have I mentioned that besides sharing stories about turtles and making spaghetti, that I also facilitate with setting up such "tuning in" practices?) 

Let us take a minute then, and remind that vivacious tiny sea turtle running toward it's 2.0 version, that it (you) is protected, guided and in for one heck of a ride.

*Keep Streaming*