From Ego to Spirit: Declare yourself Free

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

It's a beautiful statement, but at the time of 1776 much of society's ways and traditions mocked it's spirit. The truth is, we are born equal; we just treat each other as if we are not.


Because we forget who we are. We identify with the shell, rather than our shared Source.

The story of America's independence is a romantic one, in my mind. One ripe with spiritual significance and guidance. One we can easily fold up and tuck into our personal story-line.

So let me ask you.... do you feel free?

Our culture is one that emphasizes our "achievements", our external appearance, and status. It gives us the illusion that if we work on perfecting this artificial identity, we will finally be free to enjoy who we are and what we have. If you only lose those 10 more pounds or make that extra twenty grand, or buy that upgraded car... life will be good. You will feel free.

But is that the case?

You can bet your bottom dollar, that it ain't.

We have become a slave to our Ego's version of ourselves; by neglecting our True identity, the one that was born free, the one that needs to prove nothing to nobody; the one that sits still and observes the chaos.

When you gaze into the horizon, that's freedom.

When you take a moment to feel gratitude and the space it creates inside you; that's freedom.

When you can look at life as it is and have the ability to say "and that's okay"; that's freedom.

I invite you to examine how you experience freedom in your life. How often do you feel unconditionally loved by your true Self, in what ways do you invest in that feeling?

I hope you enjoy today's food and festivities. In between hot dogs and beer, take a sec to truly remind yourself that you are free and that freedom is worth knowing and protecting.

*Keep Streaming*
♡, Katerina.