Have you Learned how to "chew" your Experiences?

I don't know about you, but it seems that we are wired to expect things to be "perfect". That new job you just started, the dreamy person you met the other night; we are constantly and secretly wanting things to be "it ". Our final destination and last brush with disappointment.

As the sun was setting yesterday evening and I was driving away from yet another missed "miracle" of what I thought could have been a professional break, something hit me....

No matter how promising whatever it is we "ingest", it always has to be digested, and part of it always has to be "let go".

We can never keep 100% of what we are given--- whether it be the seeds in a watermelon or the peel of a banana, life leaves it to us to determine what part we utilize and what part we don't.

As I became aware of my writhing disappointment, I relaxed my breath enough to see past it, around it; through it. The truth is that nothing that is given to us is futile- I knew that; Sure I had to take off work and drive an hour to find out that I had been invited to an Amway recruiting seminar; but in the process, I had also uncovered a secret that has somehow eluded me; and that was the power of connecting face to face with people.

So friends, I share all this to invite you to re-examine something that you consider to be a failure or disappointment. Are you attached to the pit that was meant to be tossed, or are you using the flesh of it's lesson to bake something new?

  Practice "chewing" your experiences before rushing to label them.

This will keep you in constant flow, in constant growth and in constant anticipation of tomorrow.


*Keep Streaming*