Don't let "Brexit" happen to you.

Well, I'll tell ya, the shit has hit the fan.

Corruption, fear and despair are running rampant, being exposed and desiring to see the Light. Now is the time to face the issues straight on; now is the time to alchemize what has been a discomfort into a source of growth.

As you may know Great Britain is feeling the pressure of belonging to a very unstable, rich yet problematic body of governance. Much to everyone's surprise, it is choosing to run away - literally. Now, I don't usually talk politics, but this is such a great metaphor for holistic health and treating the problem rather than the symptom, that I couldn't resist!

Is there one aspect of your life that you are running away from?

A difficult relationship?

Ailing health?

Unfulfilling career?


If so, I have good news. It all stems from one thing: disconnection from Self.

You see, the only reason we avoid dealing with discomfort is because we've fooled ourselves into believing that it is bigger than us; it's because we are disconnected from the true power of our Source which when invited to enter into our life, makes us feel protected, strong and at ease. 

I'd like to offer you a simple writing meditation to disperse the block surrounding any avoidance you might have built up;

Take a pen and paper and write out what you have been avoiding.

Close your eyes and breathe for 1 minute. Breathe in knowing that you are taken care of and that you are working towards liberation from your fear. Your mantra could even be "it's all good".

Lastly, write out 5 reasons on WHY this specific discomfort is the BEST thing that has ever happened to you. That's right; flip it. Use the power of your perception to examine it from different angles and poke some holes into the heaviness that has kept you passive.

Taking the time to do this of course will only make sense if you are invested in living a clean, clear and joyous life.

*Keep Streaming*
♡, Katerina.