When I'm _________ I need no outside Validation.

Have a minute? I need to pass on something "wowzerz" someone shared with me.

For my "Everyday Meditators" series I interview peeps who seem to have found their way of "tuning in" to the present. Their ways vary, but their joy and inner peace is a unifying experience.

Recently, I was talking to this gal who's found "stillness" through doing henna; the minty smell and touch aspect of the design gets her out of her head and into her body.

........... And then she dropped this wonder bomb:

"I have found my joy in the act of doing henna, not in the feedback people give me."

I have many passions. For most of them I like to receive feedback; writing is a great example. No writer exists who doesn't want to be read and appreciated. (if they claim so, don't believe them)

But her statement got me thinking.....

Maybe there was truly another activity where "results" were secondary to the process.... and then the timer went off:


When I am c o o k i n g , I feel 0 need for outside validation. I am the captain of my experience and allow my senses lead the way.

We are so conditioned to thinking that what gives our activities (and lives) value is feedback or outside validation. It's how most of our professionals realms are structured.

But what if the only "like" button that really mattered was the one at our own finger tips?

What is that activity for you?

Is it organizing your office, clipping out coupons, putting together a puzzle with your little one? What activities give you fulfillment regardless of whether or not they get thumbs up from anyone else?

I challenge you to close your eyes for 5 minutes and settle into your Breath. Imagine yourself doing that activity or simply making space for it to enter your consciousness.

In a world where living a good life is becoming more and more about showing it off, how can we increase the moments where we forget that right now is as good as it gets?

*Keep Streaming*