Chanelle: Nature (and Jewerly Making) is my Meditation

I have a knack for meeting amazing people, what can I say.

I bumped into Chanelle at the beach. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and my mama and I were heading for our first swim of the year. The beautiful shell necklaces she had on display caught my eye and the rest is history.

Enjoy :)

1. When do you find yourself in a state of flow?

In the collection process. I love being out in nature whether it is a walk on the beach, out paddling around, walking through the woods or even a neighborhood. Mother nature gives us so many beautiful things and if we stop long enough we see all the small things like an exotic tree with the most amazing color seeds. It is all about the relationship and appreciating her. 

I believe that we put energy into what we create. That each piece of jewelry is a part of me and who I am. 

2. How did you first get into this activity or practice?

 It all started at the beach, I have always loved shelling. Mother nature has such beautiful gifts that most of us just pass by without giving another thought. One day looking at my collection of treasures I thought about making things with them, my first thought was jewelry. Years later living in Key West I discovered sea beans and exotic trees and bushes and vines. I then began my seed collection and incorporated it in my jewelry making process. Even here there are non-native exotics that are horrible on the native plant life here, so again going back the relationship, I help mother nature by gathering these seeds and in turn create amazing things from them.

3. How does it affect the rest of your life when you don't create?

For a few years I lived in a place where I lost touch with my relationship with nature. Life was a struggle. I was depressed and left feeling unfulfilled. It wasn't until I moved where I felt whole again. There were woods to walk around in, streams to sit by and watch the water. I am not by any means an antisocial person, but it is so important to have that alone time, to recharge the batteries. To check out, just you and nature, and not see anyone for a few days.  

4. Why do you think its so hard for us to "surrender" to something that makes us feel good? 

So many of us are living such a rushed lifestyle we forget how important it is to just stop and smell the roses. We are so distracted by work, kids and their sporting events, that television series...we all owe it to ourselves to check out, catch a sunset, walk in the woods.

Enjoy the beauty on this earth!!