How to Seduce your Next Big Idea

I like getting what I want. I bet you do too. You know how they say that behind every great man is a great woman? Well, what I told you that behind every great human, is a great idea. Ideas are carriers of magic, and there's nothing I love more than things I can't quite understand. I fall for them. Hard. I see a future in their eyes and stick to their illusive little ways till the bitter end. Today's rant will provide a more relatable framework for courting the imagination and making it, well, put out. If that sounds sort of gross, stay with me; it all boils down to good ol' romance.

Like an insecure yet prolific lover, ideas are just waiting to be noticed. Praised. Worked up. Set Free. They require a delicate touch; a voice that won't judge their bodies or lack of immediate potential. In the process of seduction, a non judgmental approach is key. Turn down the lights and let's begin:

Baby it: That's right, an emerging idea is fragile. Be gentle with how you treat it. Like a budding flower it needs watering, believing and attention. You wouldn't like it too much if your momma forgot to change or feed you, now would you? Cuddle up to those instincts or watch them run off.  

Take it Slow: No one likes to be rushed. The moment you start trying to force someone to open up or give into your will, start saying your goodbyes. Even though ideas "come to you", they don't belong to you, respect their process. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. When it's ready to go to the next'll know!

Compliment it: Words of praise unlock hidden potential. Be proud of your idea, acknowledge  the beauty it possesses and watch it confidently sprout more creativity and luster. Your idea's level of self-esteem is your main job. Don't compare it to others. It doesn't need anyone else, the only attention it craves is your own. Practice whispering your sweet nothings. Play Wild Thing and dedicate a dance to it's sexy unruliness.

Set it Free: Any fairy tale union is one that sings freedom. Freedom to exist beyond the bounds of the partnership. Don't put too much pressure on your idea to "save you". Give it room to breathe. It's there to give you joy and serve a purpose; not fix your issues. Strangling your idea with unrealistic expectations will make it weak and eventually, hate to say it, will dump your behind! If you're feeling too panicky in your relationship take a step back and ask yourself why you two got together in the first place.

Set you intentions. Get clear. Think BIG.

Your dream idea won't know what hit it!