Here's a Scary Thought

                                   We are repulsed by growth.

Yep. Every time we are presented with an opening for expanded potential, greater joy, and deeper meaning we reject it.  Yikes! We literally throw it away, even villainize it.  Why? Because it requires work. Discomfort. Change. It calls for breaking down our existing patterns of doing and thinking by allowing something unknown to enter into our little algorithm of reality. It tugs at the innards of our ego and begs our feet to start-a-runnin!

What if our entire life is created around avoiding the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD?

I gotta tell ya, I think it might be. So... this is what happened.

I almost "broke up" with my client tonight. I felt unappreciated. Like she wasn't really ready or willing to accept the feedback needed for the transformation she so sought. Why waste my time and resources, I thought to myself. And yet, something inside me hesitated to pull the plug. I felt challenged. A familiar tightness started pulsating in my chest and up my throat; an urge to talk dominated the ability to listen, and then, the whisper: "you are taking this personally"--- a sure indication I'm about to bomb this. Shit.

                                   I meditated. I asked for guidance.

I created some space and allowed the feeling to breathe. As my mind slowly let up it's grip on my breath, the guidance streamed through.

OMFG- this shouldn't even be about me...? And all of a sudden, it hit me! This was a H U G E  lesson. A breaking point. A moment where my need for validation was hijacking the process of healing I was there to facilitate.

And on top of that, I was seconds away from kicking this lesson to the curb! How flipping S C A R Y is that? How very scary that our impulse when faced with growth is to shut down!? 

Q: Have you ever had a situation where you wasted a chance given to you to expand? Or did you accept the challenge, how did it feel? Did you regret it? What came out of it?

                     A little self-awareness goes a loooooong way.

Challenging relationships hold the most precious of gifts. Please don't throw in the towel without a good and honest pause.