~ Getting Springy With it ~

Dearest Streamers,

I gained close to 15 pounds this winter. It wasn't hard. Discomfort has a way of making you create layers and layers of refuge. Darkness has a way of making that seem okay. I'm really big in living with the seasons; embodying the gist of their characters; getting into the role, so to speak.

We just had another huge hit of snow, but something inside me is singing a different tune. The air is giving off a premonitius burst of floral. My body wants to move. Exactly 45 days till my birthday. Thirtynew! Thirtytrue! Driving that renewal theme all the way home :)

Why not take our internal cues from our external world?

          Why not bloom side by side?

  Open up.

 Open up.


Write out all the ways you want to experience renewal in your own life by specifically stating what you have to shed in order to bloom. I, for example, want to shed those 15 pounds of challah and Ben&Jerrys so that I can feel lighter and more comfortable. You can also be shedding a belief that has been sabotaging your growth. We all have a closet full of those. Let's call this our Shed to Bloom list. Put this list somewhere you can see it.

Next step: Tapping into the cosmic rebirth. Every time you EXPERIENCE spring (visually, emotionally, physically) I want you to imagine that contributing to your personal bloom. "That breeze felt so good, this flower is the prettiest color, so and so has really loosened up" - boom, transfer and associate that with your effort. Sound too out there? Try it. At the very least this will help you nurture a sense of awareness of your surroundings while using your senses and your heart.

 my Shed/Bloom list.

my Shed/Bloom list.

There is nothing more creative than drawing inspiration from nature. It's no accident Spring infuses beauty into every nook and cranny of the physical plane.

Why not let it do the same for you?