Masks off.

The time for UNBLOCKING is NOW.

This is an exercise I created having been inspired by the book the Artist's Way. We are constantly blaming someone or something for not living the life we truly want. That hogwash needs to stop. Time to take a good look at who we truly are. We have the whole year ahead of us to make some quality growth, so let's get to the bottom of our self-sabotaging by asking ourselves some simple questions.

A block is a belief, often a result of irrational and habitual thinking, that keeps us limited, small, and not able to access our full potential.

1. What is your "favorite" block?

-self-doubt          - superiority/inferiority complex
-procrastination     -hate
-envy                   -loneliness

2.  Take your block and imagine someone has paid you 1 million dollars to make the argument that your block really stems  from a certain "fear".  That's right, you're not really jealous, you're just scared of X.

3. Now take that fear apart. What triggers it? How did it emerge? Are you conscious of how much it affects your life? How does your denial of it keep you stuck? Are you ready and willing to work through it?

4. Take a piece of paper and rewrite the definition of your "block". ex: "My imagined block of ______, truly is a fear of ______________ . I choose to diffuse this fear by turning my existing belief of ___________ to my new understanding that ________________ . I commit to making the following actual adjustments when I am tempted to fall into the illusion of my "block".

I hope you find this useful.

I'd like to leave you with this quote:

       "The need to be a great artist makes it hard to be an artist at all".


ps: I'm all ears should you feel like sharing your process.