Easy is not a Verb.

"You need to rest" mother to me.

"Well, how do you mean?" me to the universe.

So like a CVS run, with a quick stop to the laundromat kind of deal?

(Insert a visual of your moms face shaking her head in exasperation)

Fine, so it took me 48 hours to re-remember the obvious. Rest equals with pretty much doing... nothing. Hence, so far today I've laid in the sun, made some tea and ingested some sustenance. (we'll be talking about that in just a few) I get it, now. Rest means keeping it easy. Putting your mind, body and heart to chill. (if you think that I am cheating by writing this blog, let me just assure you that I am in my pjs and will be breaking for a nap AND snack break before hitting the publish button)

Ok, so I don't do "resting" very well. Few people in this city do; its like there is this busyness fume emitted into the air waves that gives your body a surge of mindless ambition for more. A hunger for exhaustion. Real resting makes me feel like I am in Greece :) Today, for example, feels oddly familiar. Imagine relaxing deeply enough that your senses blend into the little gaps between each breath. Perfect stillness. Once you've arrived, random natural sounds from your vicinity, splash away at the canvas of your day. Like the lady who just shouted something I couldn't understand, but seemed friendly, to the construction guy across the street. Or, the occasional round of chirps, best heard from the kitchen. 

E a s y.

Speaking of the kitchen...

This flu-struck lass got her cook on. A classic Grecian delight; with a twist. Again you're going to call me a cheater, but I guarantee you it was easy and nourishing. (Easy & Nourishing, not a bad title for a cookbook, eh?)

                              You may call it: SPANAQUORIZO

Originally made with spinach and rice, now upgraded to spinach and quinoa. This is THE definition of a restful meal.  There is this quote from somewhere that says: things of beauty don't demand attention. If there were ever a dish that embodied that morsel of truth, it is this one. So simple, yet so appealing. (I'm not big in writing out recipes so please just Google the recipe and make the above substitution. The only thing I will say is do not forget to sprinkle the creation with some lemon. That would mean a lot to me.)







So here's to honest-to-god RESTING and rediscovering the music without the noise.

                                            Kαλή όρεξη!