Ready, set, stop.

Snow. Ugh.

How many flakes does it take to get to the center of "why is snow fun"? Five yearssss worth, according to my life. Yes, I'd roll my eyes, feign social oh-yeah-ness, and secretly wish for streets to clear up and toes to unfreeze. It was a defeat I had accepted. 

Today, however, was a snowday. I put on my thick socks and rushed out to walk the messy diamond dusted streets! Time changes things. You don't even realize it as it's happening. You just wake up one day and want to do things differently.

It's hard to get a bad snow picture, meaning it's a fun challenge to get a great snow picture! (Excellence was not built in a day.) I let my eyes drop into the softness. The mind begins to reset. The way the pancakes were a tad bit rubbery and the important call to take place in a few hours, melt away.

The lens is focused; what happens next is what I like to call streaming ;)


 xx Ina.

xx Ina.