It's no secret that I'm sort of obsessed with "expression", in all it's forms. It's the premise of my coaching business, what I admire most about the human condition, the existence of WORDS (of course) and my primary portal into understanding the Universe and myself.

What I realized I have been keeping secret however, has been my personal expression. Feeling as though I shouldn't mix business and pleasure, I tried to walk this line as "professionally" as I could, but.... something has always felt a little lacking. I want to change that.

So, in the spirit of #TGFE, (a new idea to encourage more of us to share our expressions) I wanted to share something I wrote with you. This poem represents a lot to me. But mostly two things I feel deeply. One is the loneliness. And two, is the healing brought about by genuinely being witnesses to each other's life. 

Do you have an expression you'd like to share?  I'd be honored to be your witness.

*Thank You for Streaming With Me*

  Hey you,
lurking in the hallways
in and out of boardrooms
twitching at the desk.

Dearest you,
you’re feeling quite at home now
people faintly grinning
congrats, you must've passed the test.

But your body's always aching
fluorescent colored heartburn
your soul twisting turning
hungry for some rest.

Up again at night
voices getting chatty
dead ends burning bright

I'm looking for you,
somewhere on the highway
lost on a dance floor
while I brush my teeth

I go by Skitzω ,
you might see me cryin
when really I’m flyin
screamin my dreamin
Dionysis will tell ya
it’s all part of the game.

Let’s laugh at our story
there's just so much worry
I see myself in you
does that make me insane?

Mumbler by day
orator by night
king on a Friday
beggar in flight
You used to draw once
recite into time
sing at parties
live out the movies
wonder at the sight of the moon.
  a whiff of pine,
an inkling of spine
so honest, so crisp
so one big blue sky.
Your wrong is my right
So let us delight

It’s you and me now
let’s make a pact now
to always ignite each others flame
there's nothing to fear here
live out your fire
and I promise, I’ll do the same.