The M Word

It's been on the lips of many and the minds of even more in recent months. Saying it out loud might feel dirty. A code, almost, for something we all know we don't fully understand. I think it's safe to say that this word has us just a little bit confused. Leaving the concept, sorely misunderstood. And therefore, feared. Judged. Laughed at, even. But maybe anything monumental first calls for a rite of passage that is marked by resistance. Think...Jesus? Or rock and roll.

May I do the honors?

Streamers, meet ......

M       E        D        I         T        A         T       I       O      N. 

! ! !                                                     

I've known M for about 3 years. What a humble, quiet, and insightful friend! M and I are buddies, naturally.  M is the type that brings out the best in you; calms your mind when your thoughts burst like grenades; and always always has something great to say about your hair. Being with M, I'm just.....myself. No pressure, you know. Now that I think of it, I've learned to heavily rely on our little friendship. A day without M feels like... a day without that morning cup of coffee. As you can imagine, a friend like that is urgently sought after. And yet, M manages to be equally as magnificent for every other person who wants to hang out. Ask Dan Harris. ( As with anything else, trying too hard usually ruins things. So here are some tips on how to make M's acquaintance:

The Set-UP:

- Be comfortable. No matter how you choose to sit, make sure your back is "upright". My mom likes to put pillows behind her back and lean against a wall. I typically sit on the floor, cross legged. Do what works for you, but sitting upright is mucho importante.

- Take a deep breath, and close your eyes. You're walking through a door. One, that leads to a new friendship. I wish it wasn't so, but thoughts will flood you. Priorities of all sorts will parade around for your attention. Be polite, by all means, acknowledge them. Remember though, you are not here to solve any problems or worry about tomorrows laundry or outfit. You are here to let go of all that. You are here to say yes to your Silence. Return to your breath. Practice that- over and over and over again.

- As long as you sit in stillness for the duration that you set out for yourself, there is no such thing as a "bad" meditation. If you can only do 2 minutes, start there. The point is to be able to observe your thoughts, not judge yourself for having them. Eventually you realize that they are NOT you. Making friends with stillness means making friends with the real you. The Witness of those thoughts. Sounds a little creepy and powerful at the same time, right?

- Lastly, how often do you practice things that make you feel good? How often do you brush your teeth or tell that special someone that they are the apple of your eye? It's the same with meditation. Only, it's the ultimate practice of self-love.

....... What do you think of all that?  :)

Would you want to skype-practice together? I'd love to practice with you. Stay tuned for my "Sipping and Sitting" series coming up in a few weeks. We will spend 30 minutes together in which I will guide a 15 minute meditation and then we will discuss how the process felt for us.

I want to leave you with a quote that feels just right:

     "Prayer is when you talk to God meditation is when you listen."

Thank you for reading.