One winter ago.

I paw around

playfully purr

investigating the sudden comfort of your chest

sneaking into your knowing eyes

the eternal witness of my wondering ways.

I paw around

and attempt to discern the depths of your reserve

fluffing the earth, sniffing into the worthiness of what lies below

I dig.

There is something surely magical in the unfolding of the days,

something of myself that keeps popping into full spectrum.

Longing now infuses the dots of this city

the dots of the universe

the universe of your face.

yes, you are omnipresent,

once again,

this time a metaphor brand new!

one of two lines


ones I keep bumping into as I walk to work

wanting to glance over and see you walking alongside me

in silence, always,

true to our timid understanding of the way we travel.

Yet samsara persists

difference is


I know I am her

Her scent, my own.

The Washingtonian air breathes cold and strong,

true to winter

it is chilling.