Don't touch my POUND PUPPY.

Growing up, I was terribly allergic to dogs. Getting Cinnamon at age six, (that's my pups name) felt like it was for real! She used to have a sister too, Sugar. Sugar sort of disappeared one day. We all think our then real dog (princess Jessica) took care of her... If you know what I mean :( The brutal truth is that Cinnamon was always my favorite anyway. (Shhhh)

 She's aging wonderfully, don't you think?

She's aging wonderfully, don't you think?


I think keeping a childhood something that brought us joy is really important. Cinnamon was always the one that never "betrayed" me. She would watch over me, patiently, as I did my homework or so pretended. She was just there; silently witnessing me grow up. Seeing her chill on my bed now makes me feel a sense of comfort and belonging, despite being oceans away from the room I grew up in.

What about you? What was your favorite thing growing up?

Was it a toy, stuffed animal, doll, picture? Do you still have it? Do you wish you did?

What did your room look like?

Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist's Way, the book I am currently exploring with my meetup group, (The District's Wonder Lab) is ALL about our relationship with our inner child. She often asks us to remember the things and activities that we effortlessly found ourselves immersed in, and then suggests we use them as a source of creative inspiration.

Care to time travel?