Oh no! Is your resolution a dud?

No one likes a dud. Unless we're talking about milk duds. Then again, even those can taste a little questionable. 

                                                        What is a dud?

noun: a thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless.

Imagine a bun with no hot-dog, a Boston cream sans cream, a beautiful face with no imagination inhabiting it?



The resolution is only the vehicle to your desired outcome. So what is the heart of your resolution?? I don't want your resolution to be a dud, so I made up a dud-free formula to apply to your shiny new wishes.

The reason why most goals fall flat on their face is because they are missing one KEY ingredient: the WHY. Without establishing a clear why to your "how" and "what" your wish is shallow. Weak. One bad day and boom, out the window it goes.

Put some kapow in your goal by asking yourself what the driving reason(s) are behind it's fulfillment.


WHAT: I want to stop losing my temper.

HOW: I  am going to practice a breathing routine every morning, and journal about the instances that cause me to lose control over my emotions.

WHY: Because I want to build stronger and more intimate relationships with the people around me.

Easy peasy, right? Your turn now to beef up those resolutions!

Thank you for reading.