Goodbye 2014: What’s in a good year, you ask?

In the case of 2014, t r a n s c e n d e n c e.

Divine intervention peered into every pore of these past 12 months. It was incredible but oh so overwhelming. I mean, would it be too much to ask for, just a few "gap days", you know, before this 2015 show begins? Just to catch our breath, no clocks ticking.

But, transcendence, I tell you!

OK, In what sense - Think of it as a purposeful shift, a graceful growing out of one's limitations through which one believed to be defined,. (ae: your fears) How? By persistently saying YES! to your inner truth, and YES! to wherever that takes you. In one word: streaming. It was this very year that I gave a word to this process of allowing my voice to flow into my actions, thoughts and intentions. Goldstreamers is a summer baby, the soulchild of... July of 2014, to be precise.

These were my 3 most tangible moments of transcendence + their Gist:

1.     Saying good riddance to the people, situations and beliefs that kept me imprisoned. The people that were unable to appreciate my heartfelt giving of time and energy; the situations I simply found painstakingly boring; and lastly the beliefs that fed my fears of inadequacy and shame. That last one is a work in progress. 

Gist: Take a sledgehammer to the weasels of your potential! Do it by silencing your mind and becoming aware of your thoughts. Through daily meditation and journaling, become the expert of your ego. Know its likes and dislikes like a courtesan would of the richest of Lords. And watch your sense of Self transform from a beggar into the Master.

2.     Realizing that there is no such thing as “self-betterment”, but “self-discovery”. Meditation, exercise and practicing generosity: all gradually serve to unmask the perfect Self that underlies this imperfect “me”. A continuous but fruitful struggle of letting go of my the desire to control outcomes. Um, also a work in progress :)

Gist: Embrace a life lived through serving your ideals not external attachments.

3.     Allowing others to learn their lessons at their own time, through their own means, on their own path. Thus freeing myself from wasting so much LIFE on enforcing what I considered to be “right”, and then taking it personally when it was proven futile.

Gist: Take back a gazillion years of your life by lovingly allowing others to find their own way.

Pheww. Sooooo how was it for you?

Do you feel "spent", in a good way? I hope so.

Did you find yourself running away from something? Maybe a fear of change, commitment, exposure, intimacy? I sort of did.

What were you most proud of?

*                                                                    *                                                              *   

Here's a tiny exercise to get your intention motor running for the New Year. Take a pen and paper, or pencil or crayon, or whatever feels most enjoyable to you. And start writing down words, ideas, shapes, colors, places, feelings, actions that you want to see COME TO LIFE in 2015. Start today and keep adding to it as you are inspired. Before we expect a certain outcome we must know what it is we are expecting to see, right?

Take your time. Dig deep and allow your truth to stream onto the paper.

Thank you for reading.

This song is my wish for us, for this New Year.