You know you’re a Healthster IF...

Blog post numero UNO…. Ohhhh mami.

 KaterIna, here. 


It’s taken an unreal amount of time to build up the nerve to put this site out there. I thought after the Healthster launch, these sort of things would be much easier… but yeah, I still feel the same nervous apprehension I felt, what, two years ago! Nevertheless, here we are. Ploughing ahead, disregarding that tiny little voice that always has an excuse for doing anything a little different.

 As a tribute to this booming beginning, I thought it would be cool to revisit how I first got started down this dharmic rabbit hole. Healthster: One little word, so much meat. What does it REALLY mean to be a Healthster, really? My understanding of it has changed over time and has basically boiled down to this: Practicing health while also honoring your HUMAN. Oreos and all. Observing others and myself, on the road to bridging our humanity with our fantasies, I made up this list.

 Thanks for reading.


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You KNOW you're a Healthster IF:

 1. You drink water like no ones business and might even become the water police to your nearest and dearest. (Sorry, bro.)

 2. Walking to China would not be out the question if the walk was more scenic. And possible.

 3. You do green smoothies like no one's biz.

 4. You can have a blast with you, yourself and you.

Or working on it.

 5. You try and try and try and eventually (sometimes) succeed at sitting in stillness for 20 minutes – Or not.

 6. Nature never ceases to amaze you.

 7. You seek out others with a genuine sense of individuality.

 8. Volunteering sounds like a fun time.

 9. You’re a snob to recipes and would rather pretend your kitchen is a lab. Or not.

 10. You're humble but strong.

 12. You know the secret to eternal youth is found in consuming anything the color GREEN.

 11. You’re chic, you’re earthy, you’re sharp. You honor your contradictions.

12. You secretly wish you had a trampoline. Or not.

 13. You’ve experimented with making your own milk, and have been curious about kombucha, spirulina, moringa, and macca.

 14. ART is your medicine. 

 15. You seek out people who inspire you.

 16. You think lemons should run for President.

 17. With Coconut Oil for VP.

 18. You’re a fool for your friends.

 19. Farmers markets make you giddy.

 20. You remember what your 7 year-old self was like.

 21. You’re into coffee but… not as much as cousin Hip.

22. You know a good sweat can kill almost any case of the blues!

 23. You know to ask: “What does my heart want?”

 24. The names Deepak, Eckhart, Maya and Aldous, ring a bell.

 25. Your ten commandments start and end with Love.